Natural Treatment Knowledge Starting Point Program


Congratulations on taking a important step in your personal health.   Below you now have access to all of our Starting Point video’s as well as our E-Book. 




Starting Point is a compilation of our stage-4 cancer survivor experience and 11 years of accumulated knowledge we acquired from natural experts in the natural cancer treatment world.

1 Key Ingredient To Becoming A Cancer Survivor

You can possess all the knowledge in the world of how to become a cancer survivor, but it you don’t have this one key ingredient you will not survive.

Surviving Caner Isn’t A Miracle It’s Usually What You’re Missing

Success is in the details. In this video we cover the many details that most people don’t know to look for. We discuss the many things in our daily lives that cause most people’s cancer. You’re going to be shocked at how many toxins most people have in their daily environments.

Your Grocery Store: Friend Or Foe?

How to address your grocery store and how to read deceitful product labels. Discover how a cancer patient should shop in the grocery store and to avoid cancer causing foods.

Natural Cancer Treatments Others Have Used To Become Cancer Survivors

5 natural treatments others have used to become cancer survivors. Active treatments and passive treatments. These natural treatments have been scientifically proven to kill cancer cells on a broad spectrum.

Exercise Or Not To Exercise?

We all make choices. In this video we share with you what is happening to you when you don’t exercise. We’ll also discuss what is happening inside your body when we do exercise, and we’ll cover a simple daily exercise routine that helps cancer patients get their lives back.

Over The Counter Supplements Vs Clinical Grade Supplements

Clinical grade supplement packages others have used to become cancer survivors. If you need professional help we have 2 clinics we trust our lives with.