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What To Do If A Natural Cancer Clinic Isn’t An Option For You

Most people acquire clinic grade supplements coupled with specialty equipment called; “Home” Wellness Program. A clinic experience usually produces the best results, but if a clinic isn’t an option for you then we recommend a wellness programs as well as exercise such as modified burpees, planking, dead lifts, and cattle bell swings.  It is also important to have enough water intake and get the proper amount of sleep.


Immunity Therapy Center: Home Wellness Program

Cost Of The Immunity Therapy Center “Home” Wellness Program: $3,645 USD

  • The supplements are $750 USD for a 30-day supply.
  • The professional quality hyperthermia chamber is $2,995 USD.

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Why Purchase This Wellness Program:  Whether you go to the clinic or not you must put great things into your body to give yourself a honest chance to be healthy. Experts agree cancer patients should use clinical strength supplements whenever possible.

  • Heat is proven to be a great supplemental natural treatment. Almost every patient at the clinic uses hyperthermia (heat above 103 Degrees Fahrenheit).
  • These supplements are professional grade.

Our Home Wellness program is packed with powerful supplements designed  by a Doctor who has more than 25 years experience specifically for cancer patients.