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Congratulations On Taking An Important Step

We understand your life is on the line, your resources are probably finite, and you’re looking for a quality referral you can trust. We went through this same situation in 2007, so we understand what you may be going through. We’re proud to share with you the same clinic that saved Peggy Sue’s life all those years ago. They gave us hope when no one else could.

Clinic Information

Clinic Name: Immunity Therapy Center (Tijuana Mexico)
Medical Director: Dr. Carlos Bautista
Home Treatment Cost: $1,795 Per Month (No Travel Required)
Clinic Location: Tijuana, Mexico (just five minutes from the U.S./Mexico border, and twenty-five minutes from San Diego International Airport)

“At-Home Treatment Programs” include the following:

  • 30-day supply of clinic grade supplements.
  • 1 far-infrared hyperthermia blanket.
  • 2 calls per month with your doctor (one-on-one).
  • 1 group mastermind call (Q&A sessions) each week to discuss a variety of cancer fighting topics.
  • 1 in person consultation with a doctor.  People who do this get instant access to customized prescription medication.

One-On-One Doctor Calls:

Two times a month you will get a personal call from your doctor who evaluates your progress, guides, and instructs you into becoming a cancer survivor. These calls are designed to answer your tough questions and they allow the doctor to tailor your program to your personal needs.

Group Mastermind Coaching:

Each week a top natural cancer doctor will share knowledge on a variety of natural cancer care topics. For example: How to properly use high dose Vitamin C to using essential oils to successfully treat cancer. These private sessions will zoom you through the learning process of becoming an expert at natural cancer treatments.


Supplements & Equipment:

  • Nadine-E: Herbal blend that stimulates the immune system to treat cancer. Specially designed for cancer patients.
  • Salinomycin Caps: Stimulates the immune system. It’s designed to address cancer stem cells.
  • Ace Sand: Creates a rich oxygen environment in your blood stream. Oxygen delivered to cancer cells shuts down cancer growth hormones.
  • Cancer Enzymes: Contains quimotrypsin in high doses (50mg). This is a digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins in the small intestine. It is secreted by the pancreas and converted into an active form by trypsin. It is dissolves cancer cells, and it’s based on Dr. Nicolas Gonzales cancer treatment.
  • Cadius Marianus: This supplement is clinical strength milk thistle for liver detoxification.
  • Far Infrared Hyperthermia Pad: Heat above 104 degrees Fahrenheit has been proven to successfully treat cancer cells.
  • Intravenous Injections: This is a treatment which is successfully used at Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana Mexico. Peggy Sue Roberts successfully used this treatment and it helped saved her life. You can get this treatment if you see the doctor in person. This is required by law, but those who travel to the clinic for 1-day get an “in-person consultation” and get to go home with this treatment.

Recent Case Studies

We update these videos frequently, so they are recent and relative. We’ll be changing the types of cancers that have been treated as well. We do this so you’ll have hope. Hope is the most important attribute you can have to become a cancer survivor.


How To Fund Alternative Treatments

Due to political reasons involving big pharma, natural/alternative cancer treatment programs are not covered by traditional health insurance providers. Therefore, we have put together a page detailing some methods we have used to afford the treatments. Click here to find out How To Fund Alternative Cancer Treatments.

Safety in Tijuana

Safety: A lot of people ask about the safety of attending a Mexican clinic. Watch this video featuring patients and companions discussing their experience.

Clinic Disclaimer

Although this is a month-to-month program, it’s highly suggested that the cancer victim plans to be on this program for up to 6 months to see results.  Due to the nature of self medicating, Immunity Therapy Center cannot guarantee results or offer refunds.


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God Bless you,

Peggy Sue and Jim Roberts, sons James, Rusty, & Randall

Phone: 1-760-424-2151

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