We understand your life is on the line, your resources are probably finite, and you’re looking for a quality referral you can trust. We went through this same situation in 2007 and again in 2018, so we understand what you may be going through. We’re proud to share with you the same clinic that saved Peggy Sue’s life all those years ago and the new to us clinic in Arizona that Peggy Sue recently received life saving treatments at. They gave us hope when no one else could.

Mexico Clinic Contact Information


Clinic Name: Immunity Therapy Center (Tijuana Mexico)

Medical Director: Dr. Carlos Bautista


Clinic cost: $18,995 for 3 weeks of treatments

Location: Tijuana, Mexico (just five minutes from the U.S./Mexico border, and twenty-five minutes from San Diego International Airport)

Schedule a consultation with Immunity Therapy Center Call 1 (760) 424-2151

Recent Case Studies

We update these videos frequently, so they are recent and relative. We’ll be changing the types of cancers that have been treated as well. We do this so you’ll have hope. Hope is the most important attribute you can have to become a cancer survivor.

How To Fund Alternative Treatments

Due to political reasons involving big pharma, natural/alternative cancer treatment programs are not covered by traditional health insurance providers. Therefore, we have put together a page detailing some methods we have used to afford the treatments. Click here to find out How To Fund Alternative Cancer Treatments.

Safety in Tijuana

Safety: A lot of people ask about the safety of attending a Mexican clinic. Watch this video featuring patients and companions discussing their experience.

Average Length of Stay

Patients stay at the clinic on-average 3-weeks. You may need to stay at the clinic more than 3 weeks. It all depends on your type of cancer and the condition you arrive in. The doctor can give you a more specific time you could need to be at the clinic.

Do you have questions about my experience at the clinics?


Phone: 1-760-424-2151


God Bless you,

Peggy Sue and Jim Roberts, sons James, Rusty and Randall