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Types Of Cancer The Center Treats

They are capable of treating any type of cancer, even those suffering from Stage 4 cancer.* If you’ve been told that you only have x-number of months to live, talk to them about a personalized cancer treatment plan that could offer you a new lease on life.


*all except patients unconscious, under age of 5, and those that are bed ridden

Treatment Cost:

Their out-patient 3-week program costs $24,995 USD.

(Some patients and conditions may require longer than 3 weeks. If you need to stay longer, the Medical Director will work with you.)

What You Can Expect:

Cancer Starvation Protocols

Cancer Killing Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy

Cancer Killing High Dose Intravenous Vitamin-C Protocol

Antioxidant, Potent Cancer Inhibitor & Angiogensis/Metastis Protocol Genistein Therapy

Daily Meeting With Physicians

Weekly Status By Scientists

Diet Evaluation By Nutritionists

Therapeutic Diet By Nutritionists

Fitness Evaluation By Exercise Physiologist

Neurological assessment to understand how cancer is affecting your bodily movements

Immune boosting exercises

Detail Vitamin & Mineral analysis/markers that no-one else is doing

Testing to determine the ROOT CAUSE of your pain and work to eliminate it (High probability of getting you off pain-meds such as morphine)

Provide nutritious shakes which supply nutrients sufficient to add muscle and fight inflammation.

They will leave no stone un-turned to find out what caused your cancer so they can fix it. 

Treatment List:

Note: Your personalized cancer treatment protocols are built around your body, your cancer cells, and what will be most effective in their destruction. Therefore, this list is just for reference. You should speak with the Doctor to get a more specific treatment plan.

Apoptosis Strategies
Autoschizis Strategies
Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy
Enzymatic Cancer Therapy
Exercise to stimulate immune system
Exercise to strengthen the body
Functional Neurology
Glucose control strategies (to ‘starve’ cancer cells)
Hydration Therapy
Hyperthermia (including whole body hyperthermia and localized hyperthermia)
Immune boosting therapies
Integrated Therapies
Intravenous Curcumin
Intravenous Therapy / IV Therapy
Laser Cancer Therapy
Macrophage Stimulating Therapies
Necrosis Strategies
NK Cell Lysis of cancer cells
Oxidative Stress Therapies
Oxygen Therapies
Pain Management
Photodynamic Therapy
Prescription Medications
Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy
Relaxation Techniques
Rife Therapy
Sonodynamic Therapy
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Clinic Contact Information:

Name of The Center: Causenta

Medical Director: Dr. Thomas Incledon PhD, HMA, RD, LD/LN, RPT, CFT, NSCA-CPT, CSCS~ Tom’s academic background includes an A.S. in Management, B.S. in Exercise Science, B.S. in Nutrition, M.S. in Kinesiology, and Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. He is a homeopathic medical assistant (HMA), registered dietitian (RD), certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS),



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Phone: 1-760-424-2151


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