War Of Words With A Doctor Of 40 Years Experience

This was an interesting exchange that most people don’t get to have and I thank the doctor for being part of our exchange. BUT we will never agree with each other. Rather I let this man have his say so you could see what he says about you, natural cancer treatments and advocates for natural cancer treatments.

The following came from my Facebook (Natural Treatment Knowledge) post 7/23/2018



Here is a link to a scientific study about Moringa ( a natural cancer treatment) which directly disputes the doctors claims about no peer reviewed therapies exist (it’s just one of many such peer reviewed papers concerning natural cancer treatments):



Here is a link to a peer reviewed paper discussing what oncologist are really doing to their patients:   http://ascopubs.org/doi/abs/10.1200/JCO.2005.03.6236



He can’t believe people can overcome cancer. WOW! I wouldn’t want to be treated by this guy.


I hope you enjoyed this unique look into how a doctor thinks about cancer, it’s treatments, and natural cancer treatments.

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