What Does Chemotherapy Do In Cancer Patients?

Chemotherapy works by killing cancerous cells in patients diagnosed with cancer. While most people know of chemotherapy as a drug that can treat cancer, patients can be given chemotherapy as tablets, intravenous infusion or by injection. Since the chemotherapy drugs can circulate throughout the body, they can reach the cancer cells almost anywhere within the body to treat the cancer.

How Does Chemo Work?

Chemotherapy also known as ‘chemo’ works by killing those cells that are in the process of splitting in two. The tissues in the human body are made up from billions of cells. The cells aren’t designed to divide and multiply much, unless only in the case of any damage. When the cells divide, they split in two identical cells, then four, then eight, and so on. When a patient has cancer, these cells continue to divide until there is a large mass of cells which then fuse, or lump together, leading to a tumor. In this way, chemotherapy is used to minimize the cells from dividing and spreading throughout the body.

Some of the drugs that are used during chemotherapy damage the part that’s responsible for dividing the cell called the nucleus, which is a dark blob in the center of each cell, while others aim to interrupt the chemical processes that go into the division of the cells. Some of the drugs used in chemotherapy damage the cells while splitting, while others damage the cells while the cell is making copies of all the genes in preparation for a split. Chemotherapy is advised for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer since it does not affect the normal cells that are dormant, or are not dividing like the cancerous cells. Usually, there is a combination of drugs that are used in chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is designed to attack “Rapidly Dividing Cells”. This is why chemo makes patients’ hair falls out.

Chances of being Cured by Chemo

The chances of a patient with cancer being cured by the use of chemotherapy mainly depends on the type of cancer they have been diagnosed with. Some of the examples of chemotherapy curing cancers are usually with Hodgkin lymphoma and testicular cancer. Many patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or bowel cancer are given chemotherapy after surgery. In many cases, the use of chemotherapy alone is not enough to cure or treat the cancer, and is often used in combination with other drugs during treatment.

In certain cancers, where a cure is unlikely, the doctor may suggest chemotherapy to shrink the tumor or help relieve the symptoms. Controlling the cancer in this way can lead to longer life of the cancer patient or even help put it into remission.

Important Note: No one has ever been put in a great state of health by using poison. Chemotherapy is poison.

Conventional Oncology likes to use the word “Cured” when it’s not true. The correct term is NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE. This does not mean a person is cured.

What does Remission Mean?

Doctors oftentimes use the word ‘remission’ when discussing cancer. This normally means, after treatment there have been no signs of the cancer. There are two types of remission. The first type is called ‘complete remission’ which means that the cancer cannot be detected by scans, blood tests and x-rays etc. The second type of remission is called ‘partial remission’ which means that the treatment has been successful in killing many of the cancer cells, but not all of them. In these cases, the cancer shrinks in size, but can still be seen. Another term which is used by doctors is ‘stable cancer’ meaning that the cancer has remained the same size.

Chemotherapy sometimes causes pain, which is why palliative care or supportive care is an important part of the cancer treatment.

What Happens To Chemotherapy Patients Years After Treatment

Chemotherapy has a tendency to create CAD (Coronary Artery Disease) because it has a tendency to shrink the diameter of veins and arteries. If you have or plan to use Chemotherapy it’s highly advised that you have a strategy to keep your arteries extremely clean as they are likely to shrink over time. See our post about CAD. 

What You Can Do To Avoid Chemotherapy

Here are a few of the natural treatments that many people have used to overcome their cancer without using chemotherapy. You can see a complete list on our Menu tab.

If you are stage-3 or stage-4

It’s highly advised that you don’t try to play your own doctor. You really need a skilled physician that knows how to handle your situation. Check out our amazing stage-4 survival story that inspired this website, and get a recommendation to the best natural cancer clinic on the planet.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

God bless you and your family.

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