Dichloroacetate Sodium (DCA): A Non-Toxic But Effective Cancer Killer

DCA (dichloroacetate) is a naturally occurring and also an inexpensive and simple compound that offers significant therapeutic value in the treatment of different diseases such as cancer. Contrary to popular layman opinion, DCA usage in the treatment of cancer is not a particularly new concept and it has been quite successfully used for decades now.

What really is DCA and exactly how does it work?

The cell is the basic building block of life and we humans have trillions of them in our bodies. But a cell is living matter and therefore, requires energy to function and grow. The same holds true for cancer cells as well.

In a nutshell, all our cells generate their own energy by breaking down sugar or glucose though a certain process that is known as the Krebs cycle. However, cancer cells develop the ability to effectively bypass this whole cycle and thereby produce a large amount of energy using a much simpler process.

DCA, or dichloroacetate, is similar in many respects to some of the chemicals that are directly involved in the entire Krebs cycle. This is precisely why adding dichloroacetate to different cancer cells essentially kick-starts the whole Krebs cycle. Once this happens, the cancer cells stop multiplying and quickly die out. The best part of the whole exercise is that DCA does not seem to affect healthy cells at all, but only the cancerous ones.

In fact, many medical researches that have been conducted recently have provided ample evidence of its efficacy and safety as a front-line cancer treatment. It can also be used as an adjunct medication and treatment for ongoing cancer care, especially amongst those patients who have drug-resistant and or highly advanced metastatic cancers.

The key reason why DCA is gaining increasing popularity is because it has succeeded to an extent, in solving one of the biggest challenges that oncologists and other cancer treatment specialists have to face and that is to search for chemicals that would selectively induce cancer cells to die but would not harm the surrounding healthy cells at all in any way.


Based on the innate mechanism of dichloroacetate’s proven abilities in both the lab as well as considerable clinical evidence, many oncologists have now commenced prescribing this medication due to the tremendous value it provides in cancer treatment.

It is easily able to fulfill that most novel of criteria, that is, a medicinal agent that kills cancer cells while leaving the surrounding healthy tissues largely intact.

The term ‘novel cancer agent’ applies to DCA chief because it does not directly kill the cancerous cells (unlike chemotherapy and other standard cancer treatments) but rather successfully alters the metabolic functions of those cells without damaging surrounding cells.

When we take the above qualities into consideration, we realize that the advent of the DCA era can revolutionize cancer treatments as we know them today.

As of today we don’t have a particular brand or supplier of DCA that we endorse, but you can purchase DCA on Amazon or health related retailers.


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