Liver Cancer: A Terrible Killer

Liver cancer (as the term implies) is a sort of cancer that tends to start in the liver. It is also referred to as ‘primary hepatic cancer’ or ‘hepatic cancer’.

Understanding your liver

The liver is one of the largest and the most important organs in the body. Unlike the kidneys, there is only one liver and should it fail to function properly, the patient will be in considerable discomfort. It performs the following functions:

  • It acts like a filter  to clean the blood in the body by breaking down different compounds and chemicals such as alcohol, drugs (all types of drugs such as prescription medications, over the counter and even illegal street drugs as well), various harmful chemicals and waste products.
  • It is a store house for vital nutrients that the body needs including various vitamins, sugar and fats from both food and drinks and releases the same as and when the body requires.
  • It is a chemical factory for the production of important chemicals, such as the ones that may be required to help your body heal from cuts and burns by clotting the blood.

This is why taking care of your liver is vital to a safe and healthy life.

Symptoms of liver cancer

Some of the common symptoms of liver cancer include the following:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Losing weight without any particular effort
  • Painin the upper abdominal area
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Weakness and fatigue all over the body
  • Pronounced swellingin the abdominal area
  • Jaundice or yellow discoloration not just in the skin but also all around the eyes as well
  • Chalky looking, pale white stools


Causes of liver cancer

Liver cancer occurs due to several causative factors. Some of them include certain herbicides and carcinogenic chemicals including vinyl chloride and arsenic. Apart from that, both smoking and alcohol abuse have been known to cause liver cancer amongst many people, especially men. Then, there are many hereditary reasons too, while genetic predisposition towards liver cancer has also been recorded amongst different people as well.

How liver cancer forms

Primary liver cancer or hepato-cellular carcinoma usually tends to occur in those livers that have been significantly damaged by different types of substance (alcohol for instance) abuse, or birth defects. Recurring and chronic infection related to diseases such as different forms of hepatitis (B and C especially), and cirrhosis of the liver can also form liver cancer.

Complications of liver cancer

Since the symptoms and complications arising from liver cancer can be quite vague, therefore the disease is not easily detected at the onset. Some of the complications arising from liver cancer include the following:

  • Gastrointestinal Bleeding
  • Metastatic Cancer (spreading from the liver to other areas of the body or vice versa) and ultimately
  • Liver failure

However, before it occurs, the patient will be losing weight drastically and become both weak and easily fatigued.

What can you do about it?

You’re body is designed to be well if you put forth the effort and you must have enough life left in your body to accept the good things you’re putting into it.  If you’re one of the lucky people and you are stage-1 or stage-2 you have a lot more options.

Experts recommend the following:

If you are stage-3 or stage-4, it’s highly advised that you don’t try to play your own doctor. You really need a skilled physician that knows how to handle your situation. Check out our amazing stage-4 survival story that inspired this website, and get a recommendation to the best natural cancer clinic on the planet.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6

God bless you and your family.

Peggy Sue, and family



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