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Peggy Sue Survived Stage-4 Cancer Thanks To Natural Cancer Treatments

Peggy Sue Is Now A 2-Time Miracle Cancer Survivor

PeggySueHi, I’m Peggy Sue Roberts, a 11-year, stage-4 cancer survivor.  I live in Arizona and I’m very blessed to be alive today. I certainly wouldn’t be here today if I took the medical advice of my conventional oncologist. He simply said oncology couldn’t do anything else for me because of my near death reaction to chemotherapy. He sent me home to die in 2006.


Instead of accepting his prognosis, my husband Jim researched alternative cancer treatments. During this process, he came across an alternative cancer clinic in Mexico which was having success treating late stage cancer. We immediately got a consultation and  made our way to the clinic. I arrived at that the Mexican cancer clinic in a wheelchair with just several weeks to live. I was very weak, and felt like I was going to die. But I had the will to live! After several weeks of natural cancer treatments, I was a new person. I felt strong, and alive! My husband Jim, and I walked out of that clinic with huge smiles on our faces. I knew I was going to live.

Peggy Sue & Family On William Shatner’s Show, Moving America Forward

After 11 Years My Cancer Returned With Serious Complications

The chemotherapy I had taken about 12 years ago had come back to haunt me. The shrinking of my arteries combined with plaque had caused me to have coronary artery disease. I was almost completely blocked. My local doctor didn’t give me much of a fighting chance. He actually said; “you’ve had a long life”, and sent me on my way.


Several months later things got much worse. The Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma was now stage-4 again and my abdomen started swelling. I had it drained only for it to fill up again and again. It didn’t take too long and they had drained off 34 pounds of fluid from my abdomen. The fluids were coming from my muscles and organs. This was my body shutting down. I didn’t have much time left.

But we’d been given bad news before and we beat it, so is it possible to pull of 2 miracles in one’s life time. The answer was; “Yes”. It’s a short list of doctors who could have pulled this off. No conventional oncologist would have ever given me more than a 0% chance of survival.

But I didn’t get treated by a conventional oncologist. I went straight to one of the best natural doctors in the world. It took several weeks to begin seeing signs of winning.

It took several months, but the body wasting has stopped. I’m putting weight back on again, the cancer is subsiding, and I’m actually getting to enjoy more life.

No one thought is was possible, even though I had been in this type of situation before. It was more complex this time and my family didn’t know it was possible for anyone to survive 2 deadly diseases at one time.

But now that I’ve done it, we are once again true believers in miracles. Contact us if you need hope when no one else is offering it. We may be able to put you in touch with the doctor who can help you.

We understand you are looking for guidance you can believe in. This is where our experience can really help you. 

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“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.”  ~The Bible, Hosea 4:6God bless you and your family.

Peggy Sue, and family

Cancer survivor Peggy Sue, son Rusty, and husband Jim

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