What Is The Big Deal About pH Anyway?

Can the pH of your body point to getting cancer?

During your last annual physical examination did your doctor question your overall pH?  If not why not? It is as simple as licking a pH test strip, a doctor should be able to answer your questions in his/her office.

What is pH, can you help me understand the basics? 

Let us start with a little background knowledge about pH.  The letter p is not capitalized because it stands for ‘potential’.  The H is capital because it stands for Hydrogen; which is a chemical element on the periodic chart.  pH is measured from 0, the strongest acid, to 14 the strongest alkaline or sometimes called ‘base’.  The numbers correspond to electrical charges found on the water molecule.  Water with a pH of 0, is found in a car battery.  A drop of water with a pH of 14, can be found in oven cleaner or drain-o type products, it will destroy grease.  This is the reason a pH of 7 is considered neutral.  The human blood pH, when healthy, is between 7.35pH and 7.45pH, which is slightly alkaline.

ph chart

Testing our body’s pH is quite simple; all the doctor must do is have you produce saliva and place it on a test strip.  The more acidic your body is the greater chance you have of being sick and cancer prone.  If you are above a pH of 7 you are most like healthy.1   Notice that too much acid will set you on fire but too much alkaline can cause you to burn fat.

Checking your pH is quite simple and reveals a great deal of information in a short period of time.

How can a person test for an early warning against cancer?

A debate rages on in the medical community, “Which came first, the acid body or the cancer that caused the body to become acidic?”  Unfortunately, there are no clear signs or symptoms to give a person early warning of cancer in the body.  The closest test is the saliva test to check for a low, acidic, or high alkaline pH.

What are some foods, drinks and things a person can do to become more alkaline?  I do not want to get cancer, what can I do to prevent it?

Obey the 10 Commandments of cancer prevention:

  1. Thou shall not smoke. This is still the greatest contributor of cancer in the world.  It may not be easy to quit, but if you want to prevent cancer STOP as soon as possible.
  2. Thou shall consider red meat, soda pop, and other acid forming foods as condiments. Consider all the acid foods as poison.  Below is an easy to read diagram and guide to understanding foods that are acidic and alkaline.


ph spectrum chart 

  1. Thou shall exercise on a regular basis; at least 4 times per week. Walk, run, swim…  Exercise introduces fresh oxygen into your body.  Cancer cannot live where there is fresh oxygen.
  2. Thou shall love your family, friends and neighbors. Charity and giving yourself to others is cool, alkaline is cool, acid is hot or NOT cool.
  3. Thou shall avoid radiation: medical imaging only if necessary, stay away from microwaves, and hold your cell phones away from your head and face.
  4. Thou shall not drink alcohol to excess, limit yourself to 2 drinks per day.
  5. Thou shall avoid obesity, consider the blood type diet as a tool to become the strongest and healthiest person you can be.
  6. Thou shall not eat GMO’s. Cancer is a genetically modified organism, “DNA from genetically modified crops can be transferred into humans who eat them”.2
  7. Thou shall get plenty of Vitamin D. Consider soaking up a little sun, supplement with D3 if you are inside a lot.
  8. Thou shall learn about essential oils. The oils are a gift from God and can help in many ways4.5.

In conclusion:

Consider asking your doctor for a simple pH test, it may lead you to a Naturopathic doctor. Or you can even test yourself using simple litmus test strips available at most drug stores or order them on amazon here.

Unfortunately, there is no, certifiable, proof positive, way to discover cancer based on acid / alkaline test.  The test strips are only a heads up.   The 10 commandments of cancer prevention are more than suggestions, they are commandments.  Learn to live cancer free.



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