Statistics of Surviving Cancer

Overview Of Cancer

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body.  Cancer develops when the body’s immune system stops recognizing cancer cells as abnormal.

The 3 main conventional cancer treatments used in the USA are: (results using these treatments are dismal):

  1. Surgery: directly removing a tumor.
  2. Chemotherapy: using cytotoxins which are toxic to all of your body’s cells.
  3. Radiation therapy: using X-rays to treat cancer, but the treatment also causes cancer.

Note: The statistics listed below are of surviving stage-4 cancer by using conventional treatments, don’t let this stop you from seeking treatments with better results. We’ve seen better results by using natural cancer treatments.



 How many people are beating cancer naturally:

This is what our website is all about. Many people have gone on to overcome their cancer without using chemo, radiation, or surgery.
  • Go to 1 of our recommended natural cancer clinics (80+% Success Rates)
  • Have a healthy diet. Your food is your medicine
  • Juicing beets, carrots, etc.
  • Zero sugars
  • Exercise with oxygen 3 times a week
  • Use hyperthermia several times a week
  • High dose Vitamin C
  • Use essential oils
  • Biophotonic therapy (Halo)
  • Immunotherapy (probiotics, prebiotics, immune boosters)
  • Get your teeth checked (many cancers are derived from poor dental work.)